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Menus & Prices

Our menus are thoughtfully crafted to guarantee an exceptional culinary journey for you and your guests. We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers to create dishes that cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you prefer elegantly plated courses for a formal seated gathering or creatively designed canapés for a cocktail event, we take price in providing a variety of choices to align with your unique celebration.

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Wedding Menus

Our wedding menus are designed to create unforgettable dining. We offer a buffet-style dining experience starting at $57 per person.

With a variety of delectable dishes, accommodating special dietary needs, and offering optional cutlery and crockery hire in a range of elegant styles, we aim to make your wedding celebration a truly exceptional and special occasion.


Corporate Menus

Our corporate catering menu choices are designed to satisfy every palate and elevate your business event, small or large. Our catering prices for our canapé menus begin at an enticing price of $40 per person, while our buffet-style menu starts at $55 per person.

canape for catering event

We'd love to help you with your upcoming event...

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