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  • What facilities do you require at a wedding venue or private property, such as a kitchen?
    Our set-up is quite self-sufficient! Our trailer is equipped with a woodfire oven and gas bottles along with all the necessary equipment to cook and preserve ingredients in perfect conditions, setting us free from using any other facilities and being able to cater in remote and logistically challenging spaces.
  • Tell me about your food trailer setup, what’s needed for it to operate?
    Our food trailer setup is designed for versatility and accessibility. All our vehicles are 4WD, allowing us to access anywhere. For our setup, we only require a straightforward 3x3 flat area with easy access and a standard power point to power a small fridge & a light. We come prepared with extensions. It is ideal to be located close to the event area.
  • How does your setup look?
    Our setup adds a touch of rustic charm to your wedding. Our trailer feature a seamlessly integrated woodfired oven that adds to the visual appeal and gets a lot of attention! For a closer look at our setup, see a photo that captures more detail.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Rain won’t put a damper on your catering experience with us. We’ve got you covered, literally! We bring gazebos to shield our set-up. We do however request to be located in a dry floor area if possible (non-muddy ideally) and closer to the service area. This way your food stays delicious and dry and your event remains memorable, rain or shine!
  • When will your team arrive at the venue for setup?
    We will arrive at the venue 2 hours before the start of Canapes unless told otherwise. This gives us enough time to set up, turn on the woodfired oven and do all the necessary prep to serve everything on time.
  • When should I book catering services?
    For weddings, we get most enquiries between 12-24 months but others are last minute! We recommend locking in the date as early as possible, since dates fill up quickly, especially during peak season. For corporate events, engagement parties & birthdays and in the low season, we can work with tighter booking dates.
  • When is wedding season in South QLD/North NSW?
    The wedding calendar experiences two peak seasons: March to May & Aug to Dec. However, we have noticed a shift in trends, with more couples choosing the stunning & sunny days of winter. Lunch weddings are also becoming very popular, with the early start, you get more daylight hours and you can make your special day last forever!
  • What is your deposit policy, and when is the final payment due?
    To secure your date, we ask for an initial $1000 non-refundable deposit. As you move forward, we request 50% of the initial quote 3 months before the event (even if numbers have changed here). The last payment is required once final numbers have been confirmed, usually 4-6 weeks before the event.
  • What happens if we need to cancel or reschedule the wedding? What are the associated fees?
    Please note that the initial deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances and we do offer the option to reschedule the date. Cancellations made 3 months or less before the date will mean retention of 50% of the final payment plus the deposit. If any additional money has been paid, it will be refunded. Please understand that by locking in a date with you, we are rejecting other potential catering services and that we will not be able to rebook the date if less than 3 months' notice. For more information about this, please read our T&C
  • Do you have liability insurance and licenses required for catering services?
    We have all the necessary licenses to operate on private & public land as well as our liability insurance. We can operate anywhere within NSW and QLD. If your venue is asking for any of these certificates, we will be more than happy to share them.
  • How many staff members are included in the quote?
    Each of our menus incorporates the services of one chef within the cost. When you receive your quote, any additional necessary staff are included based on your guest count, ensuring a seamless service.
  • What happens if our numbers change?
    We understand that the guest count can shift between the time you request a quote & the actual event. We allow for up to a 5% reduction from the initial confirmed quote when locking in the date. If the decrease is beyond 5%, you can always add extra canapes or services. We cannot reduce numbers after the final payment has been made, 4 weeks prior to the wedding.
  • How do you select your ingredients, and is local sourcing a priority?
    We take great care in selecting our ingredients & suppliers, valuing the significance of sustainability in our business and our lives in general. Our commitment is to craft dishes from scratch using local, fresh products & suppliers. We get our premium meat, fruit and veggies from the Northern Rivers & Tweed Valley areas.
  • What does it mean that your menus are all-you-can-eat?
    Food quantity is never a problem if you book with us. We always ensure everyone is satisfied before we cease the food service. We bring a generous amount of starters for everyone to sample all available options. We have an abundant supply of mains to ensure everyone’s appetite is met! While not every option is available in unlimited quantity, we bring plenty of extras to guarantee that no one goes hungry. We even leave some takeaway pizzas behind for later-on snacks!
  • How does the cocktail hour service work?
    The cocktail hour follows the ceremony & group photos, typically lasting around 1 - 1.5 hours. It starts with a grazing table or platters that set the tone for your guest’s culinary experience. During this time, your guests have the chance to mingle around chatting away whilst we keep surprising them with different canape options. Our attentive team moves through the crowd making sure we reach everyone and also looking after the dietary requirements.
  • How does the main service work?
    The main service comes in two styles: Cocktail-style or sit-down. It usually goes between 1 - 1.5h. For cocktail-style mains, we arrange a labelled buffet table where guests can help themselves. The variety of dishes is set up attractively, inviting your guests to enjoy a diversity of options. For sit-down mains, we pre-set up the tables with plates & cutlery as well as food stands. The dishes are then placed at the centre of the tables, creating a shared dining experience similar to a family feast. This setup encourages interaction and allows everyone to enjoy a communal meal together.
  • Do you provide plates, cutlery, bowls, napkins, etc?
    For cocktail hour, we provide everything to serve the food, including disposable napkins. For cocktail-style mains, disposable plates, cutlery & napkins are included in the price. However, you can choose to upgrade to our formal set of cutlery & crockery. If it’s a sit-down setup, we do provide all the serving bowls, shared platters & utensils. We do recommend hiring our plates & cutlery sets for the tables. We have three different styles. They are $7/head and include setup & cleaning up at our depot. Please note, if you choose to hire externally, we do not handle the washing.
  • What’s the duration of your service?
    We do not set a strict timeframe for our services to conclude. We are there until everyone is full. However, to ensure a smooth and well-paced service experience, we recommend a certain time gap between the start of canapes & the commencement of mains. Menu 1 - max 2 h gap between canapes start time & when mains start time. Menu 2 & 3 - max 2.5h if more than 80ppl between cocktail hour and mains.
  • Can you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, allergies or preferences?
    Absolutely! We know the world we live in and that’s why we give special attention to all dietary requirements & allergies, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, etc. The only exception is for diagnosed coeliac (a very rare medical condition not to be confused with gluten intolerant). We advise arranging alternative meals through an external supplier, and we would be more than happy to serve them during the event. We handle flour in our kitchen which could mean risks for individuals with coeliac disease. We do cater for gluten-intolerant individuals with plenty of options available. Please make sure your guests are aware of the distinction between coeliac and gluten intolerant.
  • When arranging seating charts, is it recommended to sit guests with allergies together?
    You have our green light to organise your guest’s seating arrangements as you please. We will make it easy on the night to reach all of those who require special meals.
  • Can we make changes to the menu after booking your services, and if so, when is the deadline for final confirmation?
    Absolutely, we understand that plans can evolve. You have the flexibility to add or remove add-ons & make changes to guests’ numbers and menus. However, please keep in mind that any modifications should ensure that the final quote remains no less than 5% of the initial accepted quote. For final confirmation, we kindly request it 6 weeks prior to the event. No changes are allowed after the final payment is done, 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • How do you handle waste disposal during and after the event?
    We bring a rubbish bin to ensure a clean and organised prep area and we take our rubbish with us. We recommend arranging bins for the floor area to help keep the floor tidy and prevent leftover food and waste from accumulating. While we make every effort to maintain a clean environment, especially during busy periods, having designated bins can enhance the overall experience for everyone.
  • Will you coordinate with other vendors, such as the wedding planner or venue staff, to ensure a seamless catering process?
    We understand the importance of a smooth and well-coordinated event. Once we have all your preferences, we usually contact your wedding planner or venue manager to pass on the information and ensure we are on the same page. We want you to fully enjoy your special day, that's why on the wedding day, the wedding planner or organiser will be our main contact.
  • Do you require a separate meal count for your staff, and what’s the cost?
    Wedding days are very long for all the staff involved. As a gesture of appreciation, we offer vendor meals at a very reasonable rate of $15 per person. When it comes to head counts, you don’t need to include vendors in your main guest count unless they are part of your guest list. Vendors usually receive their meals when the service pace slows down and we communicate with them on the day to know their preference.
  • Do you provide snacks for the bridal party during the photo session?
    We know that the bridal party can miss out on some canapes while they are away for photos. To ensure they don’t go hungry, we usually prepare a platter and a couple of garlic breads. We’ll request this information in the final form as we need to know if this is something you want to happen.
  • Is it necessary to inform you when we are having speeches?
    The more details we have, the smoother we can make your event. This information is asked during the final form and it helps us ensure top-notch service.
  • Can you provide a detailed timeline of how the catering service will be executed during the event?
    Our staff will arrive at the venue 2 hours before the start of the service of food. When cocktail hour starts, the canapes will be spread out over the course of the function, cooked fresh just before it is served so that it’s hot and delicious. Our professional staff will circulate around your guests with platters and napkins, explaining what each canape is and ensuring every guest gets to try each item. We will be serving canapes for an hour (Menu 1) or 90 minutes (Menu 2 & 3). Our chef will then focus on cooking mains (typically 30 minutes). After that, we will serve salads, pasta, gnocchi & pizzas on sharing platters on the tables when sit-down style or in a buffet station for cocktail style. In cocktail style, our staff will walk around serving a variety of pizzas. We recommend allowing at least an hour for mains in cocktail style and ideally 75 minutes for sit-down style, without interruptions. If you are planning to do speeches, we recommend doing them after the mentioned times mentioned previously. Desserts/ cake will be served after speeches & once the floor has been cleared up. We will then do a final cleaning, pack up and leave.
  • What types of food service styles do you offer, such as buffet, family-style, or plated meals?
    We do not offer single-plated meals. During the cocktail hour, our staff will walk around serving the canapés to your guests. Depending on your chosen menu, the cocktail hour will start with the Antipasto Platters (Menu 1) or Grazing Table (Menu 2 & 3), which is an absolute visual feast adored by all. This table is designed to present delicious and beautifully arranged snacks, that will be appreciated by your guest and is also a very eye-catching centrepiece. If you have selected cocktail style for your main course, we will set up a well-presented buffet station featuring your selection of salad, pasta, and gnocchi (you can see a photo of the setup for reference). Each food item will have descriptive labels, ensuring your guests can easily identify and enjoy their preferred dishes. Additionally, our staff will be walking around and serving a variety of pizzas, providing a personalised touch to the dining experience. If you have chosen a sit-down style for your main course, we will serve the salad, pasta, gnocchi and pizzas in share platters at the tables, making an alternate drop. This means all the tables will receive all the flavours from your selection and they will need to pass the bowls between them at the table, creating a sharing experience between your guests. When it comes to desserts, we offer two options! Our staff can either serve them individually to your guests or we can arrange sharing platters and place them on side tables, allowing guests to help themselves at their convenience. The same approach applies to the cake if you'd like us to cut it and serve it. Our team is highly experienced and well-trained. They take great care in ensuring that everyone receives all the available options and flavours, accommodating special dietary requests with care and maintaining a clean and beautiful venue.
  • What if we don’t want dessert included with Menu 2 & 3?
    You can swap your dessert canape for a deluxe canape or for cakeage (if you require us to cut your cake).
  • Do you offer official tastings or where can we try your food?
    We do not offer official tastings but you can try our food at one of our restaurant locations. These businesses are run by different management & teams so if you book a table, please note that no assistance will be provided in regards to your event. If you have any questions, you will need to contact us directly. Bread and Butter in Kirra (recommended) - Special Tasting Menu available with similar items we have in common, please add a note to your booking to let the manager know you are coming. The Collective Palm Beach (The Italian Job Kitchen) - No Tasting Menu available, just to check out our food quality!
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