How many pizzas do you bring? Is there a limit?

All our banquets are all-you-can-eat so there is no limit. We also leave behind between 5 to 10 pizzas in take away boxes for the guests to enjoy at a later stage.


What is the cost of your catering?

Our catering costs depends on the number of people, the menu chosen, the distance to the address, number of waitstaff required and serving times.

You can see our menu options here.


What areas do you operate in?

We cover from Byron Bay to Brisbane including the hinterland.


Is there a minimum spend?

Yes, there is a minimum spend of $2000 which includes mileage & waitstaff as well. 

Do you do sit down dinner?

We are experienced in both set ups: sit down and stand up (cocktail party style). We are prepared to cater both set ups. We do not do individual dishes, it is all to be put in the middle to share. 


What are your logistics requirements?

We need to arrive two hours prior to serving time, have access to regular power, 3x3 flat surface and the entrance needs to be wide enough for us to manoeuvre. We bring a four-wheel-drive so we can access remote locations.


Do you offer waitstaff?

We have experienced and professional waitstaff which we highly recommend. 

In Sit down set up style, we require a waiter for every 40 people to ensure a smooth service.

Do you offer bar service?

We do not offer bar service although we have a few partners we trust to recommend.

Do you bring cutlery, plates, napkins, etc.?

It is all included in the price and we always bring it in case it is not provided by the wedding venue.

We also offer the option to hire formal sets of cutlery and crockery for an extra cost


Special dietary requirements 

We cater for Gluten Free, Dairy free, Vegetarian and Vegan. We do not offer any food for Coeliac. All dietary requirements need to be specified prior to the wedding. 

Any Gluten free pizza dough over 10 units will be charged $5/dough.


Do you have a time limit?

Unlike other wedding and corporate caterers, we do not have a time limit. We have created banquets that cover the whole event, including platters, Grazing Tables & starters that are served right after the ceremony and prevents the guests from being hungry until the mains are served.

Do you cut the cake?

Cutting the cake is not included in the price but we offer it for an extra cost.



A minimum $500-dollar deposit is required to lock in the date. Refund policy as per quote.


How does the food get served?

It depends on the wedding venue and the set up that you provide. The guests do not order at the truck, our experienced waitstaff will bring the food out. We can do a sit-down dinner or a more casual stand-up cocktail party. It is always a sharing style. 

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